[VIDEO] 2020 Wedding Cake Trends

We’re getting ready to release our 2020 Wedding Cake book to our clients and local venues. When you visit for a cake tasting or review the options at your your wedding venue, these are the cakes you get to pick from. We’re always open to designing a custom cake for your special day, but we update the book each year, so they reflect current trends and make the process simple.

We did a Facebook Live in January to go over the trends we’re seeing, and you can watch the fun here:

2020 Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue

We see blue EVERYWHERE we look, and this “color of the year” feels very representative of the times. Pantone chose this color as the color of twilight — comforting in its recurrence, but leading to thoughts of the future.

For color nerds, a similar blue was chosen in 1999 to represent Y2K and the uncertainty of the future, too.

As far as weddings go, we think Classic Blue is just that — classic. You can’t go wrong with “something blue,” and it’s a striking but traditional alternative to white-on-white.


Shown in the cake above and to the right, “painting” your cake with buttercream “watercolors” creates a beautiful texture and simple addition to help your cake stand out. We love that it gives an elegant effect to a simple buttercream cake. Top it off with fresh flowers to complete the look.


Traditional white-on-white isn’t going anywhere, but couples are reinventing the style with naturalistic elements like mountains and pine trees.

This is Kate’s favorite style because she gets to paint and mold the buttercream, and create something simple but beautiful. We did many of these cakes in 2019, and look forward to doing even more in 2020! Of course, it helps that weddings in Sussex County, NJ often celebrate the rural landscape around them 🙂

Lace Details

Another traditional style that is looking better than ever — buttercream lace detailing. We love that you can match the lace to your wedding dress or other details, and the simple hand-drawn detail required for the buttercream piping. For a wedding embracing the classic favorites, lace will be a show-stopper for your guests. And we know that it tastes as good as it looks, so everyone will go home impressed from all sides.

Pump up the Personality

We love when couples put their full personality into their wedding cake, and sometimes that means putting ALL their favorite things onto a cake — including their dogs, favorite superheroes, and all levels of fan-dom. But just because you have movie references, doesn’t mean it won’t look classy! Here are a few of our favorites:

Astrological Wedding Cakes

If you and your partner are compatible astrologically, we have the perfect cake for you! With elements of the moon, crystal, and the metaphysical, we know this cake is completely on-trend, but beautiful enough to stand the test of time in your wedding albums 🙂