Trending: Matching Wedding Cake Design to Your Dress

A few weeks ago we talked about matching a cake to an invitation, and we think this wedding cake trend is just as fun. Also – we want to make cakes like this, so start dreaming and give us a call! 🙂

Couples get creative for the grooms cakes, but we love that both of these have some element of the wedding dress, too! Keep reading to see how our cakes can match any dress style you suggest.

1.Start with lace:

An easy place to start with this concept is matching the cake detailing  to the lace pattern on the dress. You can ask the dress shop for a sample of the lace, and we can create a similar pattern out of buttercream or fondant.

We create lace-like patterns all the time on our cakes based on previous designs, but we love new ideas!

Dress via The Knot 

Looking through our photos, the black lace on a white cake seems to be more popular, but white-on-white would be beautiful as well!


We already make cakes with ruffle petals covering a layer, and this works well to match your wedding dress, too! It’s a simple addition and a fun element.

Dress via The Knot

This cake has lace on it as well, but the layers of fondant on the base layer mimic ruffles on a dress perfectly.

3.Color Blocking

Do you have a colored sash or floral detail on your dress? We can go beyond just colored flowers on the cake by adding a layer or stripe of the color.

And with the beautiful blush trends going on, we love making elegant blush cakes. Add edible pearls as the finishing touch!

Dress via The Knot

PS – I definitely fell down a rabbit hole looking at blush wedding dresses!! These are gorgeous!

4.Add a Big Bow

A big fondant bow is another easy addition to the wedding cake to match your dress. We make a “gift box” cake with a fondant bow, and we think it would convert to a wedding cake perfectly.

Dress via Giuseppe Papini

I’m not sure if you can get these Giuseppe Papini Italian dresses in the states, but they’re beautiful, and worth hunting down.

5.Accent with Some Sparkle

Last but definitely not least, add some bling to your cake with a rhinestone belt style.

Dress via The Knot

And of course you can mix and match styles. This would be even better with a sparkle detail and a fondant ruffle base.

Even though some of our cakes didn’t match the dresses perfectly, we hope you were inspired to include some of these textile features into a cake!