How to Style a Dessert Display

Dessert Displays have become popular options for birthday parties and weddings, so we pulled together a menu and display in Tiffany Blue!

We love pairing the display with a beautiful custom cake centerpiece. The Tiffany Gift Box cake has always been a favorite and is perfect for most events. Check out our specialty cake galleries to find the perfect cake for your theme!

Our package includes 3-6 desserts you choose from our list of bite-sized desserts, then you get can add on a custom cake! Keep reading for some ideas on how to display these yummy dessert pieces!

Dessert Decor

These are outdoor wine glasses (so they’re plastic) that we filled with sugar (you can also use sprinkles) and just stood the macaron pops inside!

Cake stands and plates are pretty classic, but run to HomeGoods or Target to pickup something cute and party-themed!

This marble platter with gold handles is from HomeGoods, and it definitely adds some charm to the table.

We think chocolates look great in a jar – like we used in our Valentine’s Day display. You can find something similar at Target or Michaels

Get creative with a banner or backdrop for your dessert table, or pick up an antique dresser/ buffet/ vanity to help with your display!

The Menu

We recommend 3-6 different items to create a dessert display, and these are the ones we chose for this event (and Taste of Talent!)

  • Mini Cupcakes
  • Brownie Bites
  • Macaron Pops
  • Mini Eclairs
  • Mini Cannolis
  • Mousse Shooters (Mint)

You can email one of our cake decorators to get the full list of options!

One problem you might face is keeping the dessert trays stocked throughout the event. Our cabinet was a little too small to display more than a dozen of each piece. You’ll have around 2 pieces per guest.

If you have a server, they should continue filling the trays and you won’t have to worry! If hiring a server isn’t an option, consider preparing refill plates and switching them out as the other gets low.

Or you can display on a larger table 🙂 Just keep in mind that you’ll need some large trays.