Kings Cakes

Kings Cake

The Kings Cake celebrates the traditions of Mardi Gras and New Orleans food culture and cuisine. Its colors of purple, green and gold, and the hidden figurine (obligating whoever finds it to perpetuate the festivities for another night), are all part of the tradition.

Like anything else in Louisiana cooking, preparing a Kings Cake is often left up to the Chef’s interpretation of flavors and techniques to achieve something that is ultimately satisfying and memorable. Ours starts with an enriched dough, meaning it includes ingredients like sugar and butter. Then we add 16 ounces of nutty, sugary, buttery deliciousness, creating a cinnamon bun style cake which we decorate with icing in the traditional colors of royalty.

Our Kings cake is a delicious way to boost morale in an office setting with one bite- enjoy!

These cakes will be available in our stores through Fat Tuesday.