Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays! We realized we had so many fun dessert options, that we pulled everything together to make a display to share with you! Back in 2016 we created a little dessert display, but we’ve added new products and had to make a new one!

We think these items work well for weddings and engagement parties (although you probably won’t use the same decorations!), and you can talk to our bakery staff to plan the perfect event!

Valentine’s Day Products

This year, we wanted to feature our specialty cupcakes for the holiday. We pulled out one of our cupcake towers, filled it with some yummy treats and topped it with our brand new flavored mousse puffs.

New product alert! Did you see them?? We developed new seasonal mousse puffs and eclairs! Rick and Laura went to Paris for a few weeks in 2017, and Choux Pastry was everywhere. They really add variety to the typical options on the petit four or mini cupcake platter.

These are Passion Fruit Mousse Puffs and Eclairs filled with Raspberry Pastry Cream.

If you’re gluten free,  you won’t miss out on the delicious-ness! We have raspberry mousse shooters topped with chocolate curls!

Did you notice another new product in this photoshoot? Our chocolate collection is growing all the time, and this time we’re displaying chocolate covered oreos and pretzels in a fun jar from Target (aren’t all of our decorations from Target?).

We also have bags of chocolate bark with fun toppings – making the perfect gift for that coworker you never know what to buy for.

No Cafe Pierrot party would be complete without a big bowl of macarons! We’ll warn you that you need a lot of macarons to fill a bowl this size, though. You can also fill the inside with some tissue paper and place the macarons on top!

You may think caramel chocolate apples are just for the fall, but not when you add some pink sprinkles! These are the perfect treat for when you’re pretending to be healthy… “an apple a day” leaves a lot of room for toppings.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the same without chocolate-covered strawberries! We’ll have plenty in our stores!

And last but definitely not least, our amazing cookie selection. Each year we have conversation heart cookies, and this year we added lips and “bee mine” cookies! We think these make great gifts for classmates and teachers!


For the most part, we bought our decorations at Target, as usual. Not only are the dollar bins filled with banners, signs, and containers, but the regular party section has jars for candies and fun utensils in every color.

And sometimes we supplement our photo shoots with vintage glassware we have around our houses. It doesn’t take a lot of money to pull together a beautiful dessert table!

We also offer cupcake tower rentals for parties in all different sizes depending on the number of cupcakes. Head to our website to place your order today!

So what do you think??

Are you as excited for Valentine’s Day as we are? What treats do you want from your Valentine?


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  1. Mary LaRusso
    February 12, 2018 / 3:22 pm

    Excellent cup cakes