No Tricks, Only Treats!

Our bakers get really creative with Halloween every year, from new cookies and cakes to our pumpkin favorites. All of our products are listed on the Café Pierrot website, but we wanted to share a party we put together with simple decorations to inspire your own Halloween party!

Halloween Decorations

We started where we always do: the Target dollar bins. You can’t beat their adorable signs and props for less than $5!

Halloween dessert party from french bakery cafe pierrot in nj

  • Wall Decals: You can make these with a Cricut or Silhouette or find some decals from Target. We love the classic black bats!
  • Wooden Sign: This was from 2016, but Target has plenty of inexpensive options to add to your decor! They even have some light up neon-style signs which look like fun!
  • Cake Plates: I promise these are in the dollar bins, but unfortunately they’re not online. These little cake plates look like spider webs, and they’re so adorable! You need to assemble, but then they come apart for easy storage next year.
  • Spooky Candelabra: This one also required some assembly… and it didn’t really hold up those candle sticks very well (to be honest – we adjusted between photos!). But it was cute and glittery! We’re currently obsessed with this spooky hanging candelabra (Made of paper and only $14!)
  • Pumpkins!! While you can find these anywhere, we love our marble and glitter options… We happen to think the cutest pumpkins are real or from Target, but go find your favorites wherever they sell pumpkins (which is everywhere, right?).

In case you’re wondering, we did NOT partner with Target for this post… we just shop there often.

Halloween Desserts

And now the real reason you’re here…. food!

This year, we’ll be carrying a cupcake cake in stores for the season! This little Jack-O-Lantern pull-apart cupcake cake serves 8 people and has a mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. This makes a great treat to bring to a friend’s Halloween party, or just to add to your own dessert spread!

We happen to think it’s the cutest Jack-O-Lantern you’ll see!jack o lantern cupcake cake by french bakery cafe pierrot in sparta nj

These little ghost cupcakes are adorable, too! Vanilla or chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing, topped in fondant with a hand-drawn face! Love those little expressions!ghost cupcakes for halloween at cafe pierrot in sussex county nj

If you want a more sophisticated Halloween snack, stop by for some pumpkin or apple pie macarons and pumpkin flavored coffee! Perfect for fall and a break from candy!

macaron tree from french bakery in northern new jersey

Our simple sprinkle cupcakes are updated for the season with Halloween- colored sprinkles. The same delicious vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topping as usual!

Halloween sprinkles for cupcakes at cafe pierrot in sparta nj

We also love this little pumpkin cake! While the cupcake cake is available in store for pickup at anytime, this style is a custom order – make sure you place an order for your next party!

pumpkin jack o lantern shaped cake from french bakery cafe pierrot

The Jack-O-Lantern cookies are a staple every year, but we have new specialty cookies in our stores every week. They sell out quickly, so check out our Instagram and stop by the store to pick one up!

jack-o-lantern cookies from french bakery in northern new jersey cafe pierrot

If you just want some of our fall favorites, check out our page of pumpkin favorites over on our website. Or stop by either store for a pumpkin fix!