Groom’s Cakes Tradition & Inspiration

We love the Groom’s Cake, because it offers a great opportunity for fun and customization. Sometimes they focus on the groom’s interests or funny marriage jokes, but these cakes are always creative and delicious.

perfect for the Yankees Fan in your life


Ever wonder where the tradition for the Groom’s Cake started? Apparently, during the Victorian era in England three cakes were served during the reception! The traditional wedding cake for the guests, the grooms cake for the groomsmen, and a third cake for the bridesmaids.

such a fun groom’s cake!

They also believed the wedding cake was too light in flavor for the groom, so the groom’s cake is traditionally chocolate or fruit.

For the golfing groom!

When to Serve the Groom’s Cake

In the southern states, the groom’s cake will still be seen during the reception. And with its chocolate or fruit flavor, it usually complements the wedding cake well. Sometimes instead of a cake, the couple will choose a dessert table filled with his favorite candy or snacks.

We make a lot of Yankees cakes 🙂

As decorators, we don’t see the groom’s cake served on the big day as often anymore (the wedding cake is usually the star of the dessert selection). However, many people order this custom cake for the bachelor party or the rehearsal dinner (especially since the groom’s family usually hosts the rehearsal dinner).

Or design a fishing boat!

Some brides order a groom’s cake simply as a gift to the groom on the wedding day to make him feel special (on a day when most people focus on the bride).

Favorite Themes

As mentioned earlier, these cakes usually focus on the groom’s interests or, if nothing else, some kind of marriage joke. We love when the decorations are combined to show the elegant aspects of a wedding cake with the fun side of the grooms cake, like these two options:

We have so much fun with sports or movie themes, too, and get plenty of inspiration from the even birthday cakes we design.

“one ring to rule his heart!”

The Last Slice of Cake

This strange tradition kept popping up in my research: If an unmarried woman takes home a slice of the groom’s cake…. and sleeps with it under her pillow… she’ll dream about her own future groom. As if All The Single Ladies bouquet toss wasn’t bad enough!

Did you have a groom’s cake at your wedding? When do you see these cakes displayed? Reception? Rehearsal Dinner?