From Invitation to Custom Cake

We love designing cakes from Pinterest photos, but a totally new cake based on an invitation really excites us! It brings a different type of creativity and fun to the process.

The Invitation

Earlier this year, we designed a baby shower cake to match an alligator theme! We’re posting the top of the invitation (the rest just contained the details and personal info) with the color and graphics that inspired us.

The Concept

Then, we pulled together an example through our cake design software…. We incorporated the stripes, the alligator (of course!), and the shape of the text box to come up with the design.

Doesn’t look like much yet!

The Finished Product

When we started building the actual cake, we loved the design even more. And this one didn’t even need to be covered in fondant to get a custom design: we were able to use fondant accents on top of buttercream frosting.

While this was a simpler design, you’ve seen our other photos with detail and color for all different parties.

Every party needs a centerpiece, and why not make it the dessert? Our decorators use the cake as their canvas to bring your vision to life. And it doesn’t stop there! We would love matching alligator cookies as party favors or green macaron pops.

Dessert tables provide an option for everyone at your party, including brownies, cannolis, cupcakes… anything for those people who think they don’t like cake (or chocolate?? we don’t understand them, but these people do exist. We still want them to have dessert).

And in case you didn’t know – when you order a fondant covered cake, we do include buttercream frosting under the fondant. So if you don’t like fondant (have you tried ours?), you still get tasty frosting.

Don’t be afraid to ask for your dream cake! Give us an idea so we can run with it!