Friday the 13th Party

September 2019 has a Friday the 13th, and we made a “Jason” cake that we wanted to share. We also wanted to give you enough time to quickly plan your own party (because even the unluckiest day can be an excuse for a party!).

I planned to make this post all about the movie Friday the 13th… but to be honest, most of the images I found were too gross. I’m not a horror person.


We’ll start with the cake and move on to some unlucky party ideas 🙂 you’ll want to save these for Halloween, too.

Friday the 13th Cake

While this may not be my favorite theme of cake, there’s no better time to share it! Obviously, this one was for a birthday, and if you have an unlucky friend with that birthday, you might want to order it for them.

jason friday the 13th cake for halloween or birthday

Of course, we think this would be a great option for a Halloween party, too. Gross, but appropriate.

Friday the 13th: An Unlucky Invitation

Again, the movie was a little too bloody for a whole blog post, but I have a few other ideas for your unfavorable festivity. Don’t invite actual superstitious people to the party, because they may not get through the door with all the bad omens.

unlucky black cat silhouetted on an orange background

Photo by Sašo Tušar on Unsplash

Start with the Guest Count

You’ll only want to invite 12 friends, so that the guest count is 13 including yourself. If you have too many friends, try the next idea…

Doomed Decorations

Think of everything unlucky, and pull it out now:

  1. Place a ladder in front of a frequently-used door, so guests MUST walk under it
  2. Borrow a black cat
  3. Hang open umbrellas from the ceiling
  4. Display ignored chain emails
  5. Stack horror books around the room: Macbeth (the most unlucky), Edgar Allen Poe, etc.
  6. Decorate with crows and ravens — use a cricut to make a banner

PLEASE tell us if you have more ideas… what a fun list!

Adverse Activities

(taking the alliteration too far?)

Let’s talk about games! You’ll want to force your friends to do things that cause years of bad luck… hopefully you’ll still be friends afterwards.

  1. Salt Shaker Relay: Balancing a salt shaker on your head without tipping over the shaker!
  2. Horseshoes: horseshoes are a lucky omen (unless hanging upside down!), so they’re welcome at this unlucky party.
  3. Match the superstitions: this blog shared a download for matching a question with a superstitious answer

Unfavorable Favors

End the evening on a lucky note, with these favorite favors

  1. Cookies (obviously!) We can make anything you ask for — but maybe start with the # 13 on a cookie?
  2. Lottery Tickets: Hand them out as your guests leave your home… maybe their luck will change!
  3. Rabbit Foot key chains for each guest

There are plenty of gory ideas for a Jason-themed party (search on pinterest for some ideas!), and I learned even more unlucky ideas from this blog post! Who knew an upside down loaf of bread with a slice cut out of it was considered unlucky??

Making light of bad luck is a great way to counteract it. Let us know if you do any of these fun party ideas!