Venue Profile: Frelinghuysen Forest Preserve

Last year, we catered a fall wedding over at Frelinghuysen Forest Preserve/ Recreation Center and loved the venue! The forest setting was beautiful, and the hall worked perfectly for the event.

When you’re choosing a venue for a wedding or even a large party, your caterer will need easy access to a kitchen and delivery areas. This facility was updating their kitchen, but we had what we needed for a DIY dropoff. We always do a walk-through before the wedding to make sure we don’t miss anything necessary to make your event a success!

We love the fireplace in this recreation center!

And those stone pillars!

This was a DIY wedding, so we did a hot delivery and setup, but they worked out servers and clean up on their end. They also provided any decorations, but our food and bread displays look good in any setting!

Since the venue is a forest preserve, we love the compostable plates and utensils.

Each table was named after a national park and labeled with a postcard. Such a fun idea! We weren’t there for dessert, but we delivered apple cider donuts, and guests loved them!

Here’s the review from the bride:

“Thank you so much! The wedding was wonderful and all the food was great! The guests loved it. Even now, a couple weeks after the wedding, we have friends or family mention it was some of the best wedding food they’ve had- especially the donuts! Thank you for all your recommendations. The set up you suggested worked great for our venue and guests, and everyone had a great time! Thank you again!”