Emoji Cakes, Cookies, and Cupcakes!

The world is on an emoji craze lately, and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve received several orders for custom emoji cakes for birthday parties, and we even carry emoji cookies in store all year long!

If you’re planning the next birthday party (or any festive occasion really), check out these fun options for the party!


We think these cookies make a great treat or prize for after school, but we know that adults love them just as much! Maybe pick one up for a new friend or a coworker who needs some encouragement!

We carry a bunch of different faces to make sure you can send the right message!


Having a party? Custom order some emoji cupcakes! These super cute cupcakes look great lined up on a cake stand and add some color to your table. Don’t forget, these fun, happy faces work for almost any event.

Need some party inspiration?

emoji cupcakes by french bakery in northern new jersey cafe pierrot

Love these fun little faces and their bright colors! Aaaaand they taste as great as they look (well, the poop one tastes better than it looks *insert laughing crying emoji here )!

We have emoji cookies every day in our cafe…. but we made these for a few weeks just for fun! You can always order for a party though!

Emoji themed Custom Cakes Cookies and Cupcakes from New Jersey bakery, Cafe Pierrot

This custom buttercream emoji birthday combines emojis with texting acronyms for a super fun result. We love this design and want someone to order it, so we can make it again!!

Here’s another buttercream-frosting cake with fondant details. It looks great from every side of the cake!


Last, but not least, we recently make this fondant-covered round cake with emoji faces. Adding the emojis on a stick creates another level of interest and fun! That bow-tie fondant ribbon completes the look!

What other emoji themed parties can you think of? Do you have a favorite emoji? We love the laughing crying face and the heart eyes.

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