DIY vs Full Service Weddings

If you’ve started planning your wedding, you know catering can be a difficult decision. Whether your venue doesn’t include catering or you want a backyard wedding, let’s talk about the differences in Pierrot Catering’s menu options: DIY or Full-Service.

DIY Wedding

DIY weddings have become super popular due to the overwhelming amount of inspiration available on pinterest! This style works best in a backyard or recreation center with a beautiful setting.

Great if:

  • You love where you live: lake, farm, fields, landscape, etc
  • You want to add your wedding to the list of memories in your home backyard.
  • You’re organized 🙂
  • You’re an unconventional bride who wants to focus on family and fun.

Surprisingly, DIY is not always the cheapest option. You’ll need to factor in rental costs, less efficient landscaping (beautiful for home, not always great for weddings!), more clean up, etc. that add up in cost and time.

You can customize our DIY wedding package to include some of the rentals, and we’ll walk you through anything you’ll need for the reception.

For bravest DIYers, we have a drop-off option which offers an elevated menu at a huge cost savings.

  • You know the location best, and you just need the food!
  • You handle all wedding details, and we just drop off the food day-of in our insulated boxes.
  • Get creative with the menu! We’ve seen drop off weddings of just cheeseburgers or a seasonal Oktoberfest. More creative, but not more expensive!
  • Less formal, guests are comfortable and having fun, relaxed

Full-Service Weddings

We love the opportunity to serve a complete package with decor extras and our professional wait staff, making your special day over the top memorable — all while you relax to enjoy the day.

  • Still room for personalization! But you relax the day-of
  • We set up and clean up everything. You and your guests won’t touch a thing.
  • We oversee the rentals, so you don’t need to worry.
  • With a buffet, your guests will have a chance to mingle instead of sitting.

We prefer buffet over plated, because guests can choose what they’re in the mood for in the moment. You can also even create stations to give guests more options and mix up the party.

In the past, we’ve helped create centerpieces, decorated the buffet table, and brought our own decorative pieces to make things special. The level of detail is up to you.


We try to keep all of our favorite events right here on the blog! Here’s a few links to examples of these wedding styles for you to browse:

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