DIY Hawaiian Party!

To celebrate the re-vamp of our Hawaiian-themed catering menu, we had our own lake-side party! The summer’s not over yet, so take this inspiration and run with it for your next party. Of course, hamburgers and hotdogs are always a favorite, but mix things up with with these island options!

The Hawaiian Menu

We decided this is the best SMELLING menu we’ve made so far. Those mango colada cupcakes made the whole deck smell like coconut. But – the coconut taste wasn’t overwhelming.

So even without cooking all day, your guests will smell an amazing meal when they arrive!

  • Tropical Salad
  • Mango Chicken
  • Hawaiian Wild Rice
  • Sweet & Sour Meatballs
  • Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce
  • Grilled Vegetable Platter
  • Fruit Platter
  • Mango Colada Cupcakes

More details on the menu on our website,

behind the scenes!

The Decorations

Obviously, we had to go pineapple and palm leaves for our theme!

Tablecloth: We chose a fabric on sale at Joann’s for the tablecloth (didn’t see too many tropical tablecloths we were crazy about at the party stores we usually shop).

Grass Table Skirt: I found this in my local Party City but don’t see it online. I loved that it touched the ground and didn’t have any added flowers around the edge.

Speaking of Party City: They have a fun Luau Themed section with a few gems:

Palm LeavesFound these on Amazon (of course!). For our party, we used them under clear plates for spoon rests. You can also scatter them around the table for decoration.

Cupcake Stand: This little 3-tier stand is perfect for a dozen cupcakes. We added some extra flowers to fill up the space on ours.

Tiki Torch Deck Stands: Ok, these only work for the bamboo tiki torches… we had to tape ours, because I didn’t realize we would be using metal torches. BUT. you can clamp these to your deck to create a tropical vibe (and use citronella oil in the lamps to keep the bugs away!), and they work great!

Fresh Flowers: You can always find fresh flowers at the supermarket, and that’s where we found ours. The brighter the better! Or…. pick up some hibiscus pots for decoration, and then to plant in your yard later (apparently they can survive a NJ winter!).

hawaiian luau tropical catering menu from pierrot catering in sussex morris county nj

Add to the fun:

Our menu has a few add-ons including appetizers (Midori & Melon Soup Shooters!) and yummy kabobs (the Apricot Beef sound delicious!), so check those out if you’re having a big crowd and want to mix up the menu.

Custom Cupcakes or Cakes: We recently made these fun tropical custom cupcakes that you can add on to your order.

Painted Pineapples: For one tropical party, we spray-painted pineapples gold! We don’t recommend eating the pineapples after painting them, but this was a cheaper option than buying/painting fake pineapples.

Last year, we catered a full-service Margaritaville-themed party and painted just the pineapple tops for a pop of color! You CAN cut off the tops and eat these afterwards.

So are you ready to throw a tropical party?! Comment or email us with any questions!