[VIDEO] 6 Tips to Prepare for Your Cake Tasting

Although we’re a little biased, we think the tasting is the best part of wedding planning! After 25+ years of wedding cake tastings, we have a few tips to help you make the best decision and be confident on your wedding day!

We made a video all about visiting our store for your cake tasting, so you know just what to expect! Watch our cake decorators walk you through it!

1. Food Allergies

Start by letting the baker know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. If this is only a concern for a few of your guests, consider ordering cupcakes so they can have something sweet on your special day! Always tell the decorator before your appointment, so they can prepare a few options.

began wedding cake from Cafe Pierrot in Sparta NJ

Check out this completely vegan wedding.

At Café Pierrot, we have several vegan or gluten-free cake/ filling/ icing flavors. Just let us know if you want to taste them!

2. Bring your favorite designs

Do some research ahead of time and bring your favorite pinterest cakes and designs. If you’re working within a package, your decorator should tell you if the design is included or not.

marble tiered cake with sugar flower wreath

As evidenced by the Royal Couple’s recent wedding cake, sometimes simple is just as show-stopping as an extravagant design. Don’t be concerned about keeping it simple!

photo via @violetcakeslondon

Thinking about a Naked Cake?

This is another thing to mention before the tasting! For stability reasons, the bakery may be using buttercream filling vs. mousse, and you’ll want to try those flavors!

Buttercream vs. Fondant

Café Pierrot actually layers buttercream under our fondant, so you get the best of both worlds! If you’re not a big fan of fondant, you’ll still get the look of smooth fondant with the flavor of buttercream.

3. Fresh Flowers or Sugar Flowers?

If you’re going with fresh flowers on your wedding cake, you’ll want to talk with your florist about the vision. Many times, the baker delivers essentially a blank (but delicious) canvas, and the florist finishes the job.

Make sure your florist has a photo of styling, and you’ve ordered enough blooms for the look you want.

birch tree wedding cake with fresh flowers from cafe pierrot in sparta nj

View all the photos from this wedding here.

We also specialize in handmade sugar flowers which we can add to the cake ourselves. These obviously hold up really well in different temperatures… because they’re made of sugar!

Some brides even save the sugar flowers under a glass dome or jar as a keepsake from their wedding day!

wedding cake with gold leaf and sugar flowers from bakery in sussex county nj

4. Know your budget

Being upfront with your budget will help any wedding vendor give you exactly what you need! Keep in mind that the more custom detail on the cake – the more it will cost. If you’re honest with us during the tasting, we can be honest with you!

5. Top Tier Policies

If you’re local, ask if the baker can recreate the top-tier for your first anniversary! This will be much tastier than the cake stuck in the back of your freezer for a year. Just let them know so they can keep record of your order!top tier of a wedding cake from cafe pierrot in sussex county nj

6. Questions to Ask Any Baker at a Tasting:

If you’re shopping around for a wedding cake, be sure to ask these questions from the bakers you meet:

  • What type of cake (butter, sponge, etc), fillings (mousse) and frostings are available (buttercream, fondant, etc)?
  • What’s the price difference for a tiered cake vs. small tiered + sheet cake? FYI – sometimes the decorations are the expensive part, so it might not be less depending on the design you choose.
  • What is your cake slice serving size?
  • What is the delivery process? Is there a fee?
  • How does this cake hold up in warm weather? (if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding)

boxed macaron wedding favors from cafe pierrot in sparta nj

About Our Shop:

Our cake decorators host all cake tastings at our Andover, NJ location. We’re have a small storefront (and limited parking), so we ask that no more than four people attend the cake tasting.

You’ll find us in building behind the house (not in the house!), and you can enter the door between the two large windows in the front of the store.

We have a list of standard flavors, but let us know if you want something not listed. We can probably still make it for you! And, like we mentioned at the beginning, please let us know about any dietary restrictions.

wedding cake tasting tips from cafe pierrot in andover nj

Final Thoughts:

Chances are, you’ll only have a bite of cake during the cake slicing portion of the reception. Bridal duties can keep you busy (all that dancing and chatting!). But, your guests have probably been to more than one wedding during the wedding season, and the cake is one area to stand out in their memories.

A custom cake with quality ingredients can be a highlight of your reception We’ve converted many “I’m not a cake person” people to our side, so we know your guests will love your Cafe Pierrot cake. And you’ll be sneaking a few more bites between dances.