21st Birthday Cake Inspiration

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for a 21st birthday cake (or any birthday cake?) Since we can make almost anything,  choosing can be really difficult.

A few suggestions for selection:

  • Focus on favorite activities/ hobbies
  • Inspiration from a favorite movie
  • Favorite color
  • Theme/ Vibe: Elegant, Wild, Bright

Share a few of your ideas with our cake decorators, and they’ll be able to create something perfect for your birthday.

Some clients have a hard time choosing a “manly” cake, so I hope that these simple tips help you get some ideas. The cake images below also provide some direction for the perfect birthday cake.

Not all of these cakes were 21st birthday cakes, but we they still work!

21st birthday cake inspiration from Cafe Pierrot in Sparta NJ

This seems very appropriate!

4107b snowboard

Love this snowboard themed cake with a replicate of the birthday boy’s snowboard

4061 Beer Stein Shaped Cake (1)

Complete with college logo, this giant beer stein is absolutely perfect for a 21st birthday

4307 single tier alice in wonderland (4) web

Alice in Wonderland has so many different details, and the whimsical nature makes it perfect for a statement birthday cake


Ok, this was for a 50th birthday, but you have to admit that it would look great for a 21st birthday!

4384 21st birthday twenty one martini (6)

Sometimes simple is best, try fondant details on a simple white cake

4082 round poker table cake (2)

Another poker-themed party with fun fondant cards and chips!

1300 rosette ombre 21st birthday elegant two tier (1)

Love this elegant option with blue ombre buttercream rosettes