Vegetarian Life

Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, we can all relate to good food.  I’m so blessed to work with chefs who care about my personal choice to be a pescitarian (I can’t seem to give up sushi!).  I heard a rumor there was a particularly awesome vegetarian dinner special running this week, so I convinced my fiancé we HAVE to eat dinner at the Café.  Sure enough, I was not disappointed.

Staying close to seasonal cuisine, we ordered roasted brussels sprouts with lemon-thyme sauce for our appetizer.  So here’s the thing about brussel sprouts – they can be steamed, which turns them mushy and bitter, yuck!  We certainly didn’t have to worry about bad brussels with Ray (the head chef) around; these were grilled to perfection, and the sauce really added character.

Cafe Pierrot Brussel Sprouts

This was followed by a roasted acorn squash stuffed with black beans, corn, and goat cheese.  Not only was this entree vegetarian, it was also gluten free, and the entire spread was inspired by Vegetarian Times magazine!  

Cafe Pierrot Acorn Squash

Ray incorporates a vegetarian special every week – hopefully next week I can convince him to give me a sneak peek.

– Kim Rodgers, Cake Decorator

Follow the yellow brick road!

We made this beautiful Wizard of Oz cake for a birthday originally, but we’re posting it today in honor of the movie’s 73rd anniversary!!

Notice all the small details that make this cake special!

Emerald City and Dorothy’s red slippers

The Wicked Witch’s feet

Toto in the picnic basket!

Poker Themed Graduation Cake

Maybe it’s the graduate’s favorite game, or maybe you think he graduated by pure luck… whatever the reason, a poker themed graduation cake is fun and creative. The colors can be customized based on the school. This cake would be great for a birthday party, too!