21st Birthday Cake Inspiration

21st birthday cake inspiration from Cafe Pierrot in Sparta NJ

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for a 21st birthday cake (or any birthday cake?) Since we can make almost anything,  choosing can be really difficult.

A few suggestions for selection:

  • Focus on favorite activities/ hobbies
  • Inspiration from a favorite movie
  • Favorite color
  • Theme/ Vibe: Elegant, Wild, Bright

Share a few of your ideas with our cake decorators, and they’ll be able to create something perfect for your birthday.

Some clients have a hard time choosing a “manly” cake, so I hope that these simple tips help you get some ideas. The cake images below also provide some direction for the perfect birthday cake.

Not all of these cakes were 21st birthday cakes, but we they still work!

21st birthday cake inspiration from Cafe Pierrot in Sparta NJ
This seems very appropriate!

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Emoji Cakes, Cookies, and Cupcakes!

Emoji themed Custom Cakes Cookies and Cupcakes from New Jersey bakery, Cafe Pierrot

The world is on an emoji craze lately, and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve received several orders for custom emoji cakes for birthday parties, and we even carry emoji cookies in store all year long!

If you’re planning the next birthday party (or any festive occasion really), check out these fun options for the party!

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Mexican Theme Sweet 16 Cake

4 11 mexican theme cake (3)

Sweet 16 cakes allow so much room for creativity. We’ve had so many different themes, and this cake is one of our favorites lately!

4 11 mexican theme cake (6)

The sombreros, tacos, and blanket are all made of fondant! The floral and swirl decoration is hand drawn with buttercream inspired by the traditional Mexican embroidery used on clothing.

4 11 mexican theme cake (11)4 11 mexican theme cake (9)4 11 mexican theme cake (14)

We made another version of this cake without the tacos and sombreros, focusing on the beautiful features of the embroidery pattern.

4 11 mexican theme cake (2)

We’re looking forward to using some of these design elements in our Cinco de Mayo celebration coming up, too!

Hope this post gave you some inspiration for a Sweet Sixteen cake or any birthday cake!